Hello Fresh

Okay, so I’ve been hearing a lot about these services that allow you to order meal kits and they send them to you with recipes. You can choose your menu or let them. I decided to give Hello Fresh a try.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Keep in mind I just got my first box today and have made one meal out of it. I am living alone so I chose the box for 2 thinking the second portion would be my lunch the next day or is most often in my case, I can eat like two people!!

My first meal was the Toasted Rice and Shrimp Bowl. Okay so it says for two, but OMG it would actually feed three maybe four! Now it has rice (I know this is obvious) and red bell pepper, garlic, green onion, soy sauce and sesame oil. Now I am not a big fan of green, red or any bell pepper because of the hard skin. This recipe didn’t call for it, but I roasted it on my gas stove, put it in a zip loc bag for a little while, then scrapped the charred skin off. This actually made a lot, and I have put the rest in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

As this is right before the Easter weekend I’ll probably eat the other half sometime this weekend.

Now it gave me a whole lime and only needed one quarter to squeeze over the dish. I can live with out it, so I took the rest of the lime and made a Caipirinha out of it!! I have a bit of a buzz right now!! LOL. But when I was buying the Cachaca for the Caipirinha I also found Pineapple Wine!! Who would have thought this was a thing!!! I had no idea!! It is sooo good!!!

Oh so this dish?? Excellent!!! I look forward to trying the other recipes. I’ll let you know how they turn out!


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