Post Surgery

So I had my hysterectomy last Friday (2/17/2017). I obviously survived or I wouldn’t be writing this. Everything went as planned. For some reason I thought I would feel different having my baby making factory removed, but I don’t! I was supposed to start my period yesterday and actually woke up wondering if she was going to make an appearance!! Then it hit me!! NO SHE WILL NEVER BE SHOWING UP AGAIN!!! Bells and whistles going off here!!

So post surgery I have been having a lot of gas, which is to be expected because of the gas they fill  your stomach with to perform the surgery. It is slowly leaking out of my body, and I do mean leaking. Sometimes I get a warning when it’s going to evacuate my body, then other times not so much, like last night I bent over to plug in my phone and you would have thought I had a kazoo coming out of my ass!! Thank god I live alone!!!!

The pain has been very manageable thank goodness. I only need to take the strong stuff at night before going to sleep, but it still causes some very strange dreams while napping during the day. Just yesterday, I fell asleep on the couch and had a very vivid life like dream that they filled my ceiling with water (like a pool). There was about two feet of it up there, not sure how it wasn’t coming down on me, but as I’m looking u[ at the water, these octagon shape bubbles appear and then they start to pop and out come wasps!!!!!! Woke my ass right up!!!!

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