6 Days Post Surgery

Okay so I guess there are things that you just have to find out for yourself is what happens after having a hysterectomy.

  1. You don’t really feel any different after having your baby making factory removed (although I did get to keep the two towers).
  2. But you do feel different. You get depressed, and you cry for no reason.
  3. Recovery is different for everyone and mine is just sucking!! I’ve been running fevers (dr said to call her if it goes above 101.5, right now it’s only 99.5) and have had a non stop headache for a couple of days. Oh and don’t get me started on the constipation!!!! I have never been sooo backed up in my life, but I hear I’m taking the good stuff: Miralax! I just hope it kicks in soon, more than just freaking farting!!!
  4. I get to binge watch the entire series of Gilmore Girls!!!! I really love that show!!
  5. I had to order a new heating pad that didn’t shut off every damn 30 minutes!!! I want to sleep the whole night through and I keep waking up having to turn it back on!! Come on Amazon, get it here soon!!
  6. Sucks when the weather is soooo nice and I can’t get out in it!!
  7. oh and surprisingly enough, I am actually missing work!! I should check my temp, I think it might have just spiked!!
  8. I was sooo hoping to try out some new recipes while I was off work, but standing up that long takes too much out of me.
  9. Food nauseates me, but i’ve been craving a hot fudge sundae for 6 days now!!!!!

I could go on, but I think that’s enough for now! Maybe next week I’ll feel up to cooking and maybe start on sewing that dress I’ve been wanting to.

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